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First things first, I would like to personally thank all the entrepreneurs who participated in the making of this piece; it would have been impossible without you. This article was inspired by the need to identify the most popular online tools among entrepreneurs. Although it was neither the only method nor the simplest one to obtain such information, the best technique turned out to be engaging the top entrepreneurs first hand for insight.

For this reason, I opted out of secondary research and went straight for primary data by seeking out these busy bees from their hives.  And after a series of emails and social media posts, I was able to collect sufficient data and compile what I am about to share with you.  Although you are aware of some of these tools or even use them, you will get to learn about new tools that may become essential in your routines. I also tried to make some deductions into why these tools are most popular as compared to other ‘less preferred’.

The top 3 online tools are:-

#1. Google (comprising of all their individual services i.e. Gmail, Drive and Search)
#2. Twitter
#3. The third spot is a tie: Skype, Asana, WordPress, Hipchat, and Slack
Notable mentions:, Uber, Instagram, GoToMeeting, Viber, Buffer, Sproutsocial, Klout, Dropbox, iCloud, Slideshare, SEMrush, BuzzSumo, Screamingfrog, Zoho, Linkedin, Trello, Fastmail and

About these applications

Google applications
Of course the online giant takes the first place with its packaged services offering access from a single account. This feature alone makes it very popular among entrepreneurs. The individual tools here include Gmail for email communication, Google drive used for file sharing, cloud storage and group tasks and Google search which currently holds the top spot among search engines.
Twitter 140 characters tool
The 140 character (tweet) social networking service comes second. This online tool gained its popularity through news sharing and business and this is why it is a favorite among entrepreneurs. It is simple to use and simplified networking. I would like to add that most of the responses from the entrepreneurs were received through this medium.
skype facetime tool
This online tool is popular because it offers video chats and calls services from a wide range of devices through the internet. Its video conference call feature is best for business and of course popular among entrepreneurs who would like to conduct business communication on the web.
asana task organization tool
This online tool offers you the ability to perform tasks with your team. The application provides you with an opportunity to create tasks and organize them, comment on ongoing projects and respond to update messages. The application can also integrate with other online tools such as Dropbox, Chrome, Zapier and more.
wordpress for blogs tool
For entrepreneurs, regardless of the industry, WordPress is a necessary tool. This is because as a free and open source blogging tool, it can be used to launch the business’s online presence. Most businesses on the web use this platform to develop and host their blogs and websites.
hipchat for communication
This application has features that facilitate communication and file sharing which are basic in day to day business operations. Some of the features at a glance include; chat rooms, one-on-one messaging, searchable chat history, image sharing, file uploading, and SMS messaging. The application has been referred to as “A Private IM Network for your Team” by Web Worker daily.
slack team communication tool
Slack is a team communication application and is best for businesses with many members. It will improve your collaborative capacity on projects and one can even search for conversations contextually.
unroll me email tool
Email overload as a result of all the subscriptions that most of us go for has become a major issue and this is where this application comes in. This tool works with Gmail and yahoo email to organize your inbox and clear up the junk.
uber transport locator tool
It is a transport service where the application connects passengers to drivers of vehicles for hire. The mobile app shows you where your reserved car is at. It is good for entrepreneurs who do not want do drive themselves and reduces the stress associated with driving in traffic dense cities. It is currently available in 45 countries and still growing.
instagram photo sharing tool
You probably have this application which works as a social networking, photo and video sharing platform. You are already thinking selfies and so on but from an entrepreneur’s point of view this tool can be used for marketing, networking and increasing the appeal of your brands.
gotomeeting online meeting tool
This is a web tool that offers a platform to conduct online meetings, desktop sharing of team tasks or presentations and video conferencing. It can be used to communicate with both clients and members of your team in real time and especially when you are not around the same geographical area.
viber communication tool
This online tool targets smartphone users with instant messaging and voice over internet protocol (VOIP). Users are able to share pictures, audio messages, and videos and this makes it a top tier business tool. You can easily integrate it with your existing communication tools to offer more alternatives through which your customers can reach you.
buffer social media management tool
This is a social network managing application that allows you to schedule posts to different social media platforms. The tool is best for generic information that you may want to share with your community and is mostly used by news sites and bloggers who need to automate their posts.
social media management tool sproutsocial
This is a social networking management tool that is similar to Buffer above. Others in this category include Hootsuite, Socialflow and Viralheat.
klout social media analytics
This tool uses Social Media analytics to rank users according to their social influence. It measures the people response rate to the information you put up on social media. The business angle with this tool is that it connects you to influencers around the web who can help market your brand.
drive for storage tool
Dropbox/iCloud/ Google Drive/ Skydrive
These are free web tools that allow you to store files, photos and videos as well as share them easily with your community.
online information tool
This online tool can be referred to as the YouTube of slideshows. It can be used to store and share publicly or privately PowerPoint documents. It was initially meant for businesses where they would share slides among members but it has grown to include education where tutors post notes on various topics. I have personally used this for my private studies :-).
top seo tools
SEMrush/ BuzzSumo/ Screamingfrog
These are business specific online tools in the sense that they are used predominantly by SEOs and digital marketers. SEMrush offers competitor analytics by giving you insights into their link building, display advertising, organic and paid search strategies. Buzzsumo will help you get insights into what content performs better in your industry and will also get you influencers who can effectively promote your content. Screamingfrog is an SEO spider tool that is installed on desktops that Crawl’s websites and fetches SEO signals that are important for the professionals. This helps in reviewing and auditing that particular website. The data can be exported to excel for further analysis.
This is an online office suite that comes with word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, invoicing, CRM Wikis and many other applications which are used in the day to day operations of a business. It’s necessary for entrepreneurs since one get all these tools in one area.
professional networking tool
“The Social media for professionals” If you are an entrepreneur and are yet to get on this network then it’s about time. It simply offers a platform to connect with other professionals around the world in addition to accessing knowledge and opportunities.
project management tool
This is a free online project management application. The tool is based on Kanban, a management method used by Toyota in the 80s in their supply chain management. Projects are represented by boards which have lists (tasks lists) these contain cards (tasks). The cards are supposed to progress from one list to the next as the project progresses.
email communication tool fastmail
This tool offers paid email services to individual users and organization. It uses a YubiKey to log in with a one-time auto generated passwords that make it highly secure.
social networking tool
This is an online tool that makes it simple for people to learn more about you by bringing your different social network profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc) to a single page. I think it was developed to be “The social network of all social networks”. 


Participating entrepreneurs

 Neil Patel
Neil Patel is an
entrepreneur, investor and the co-founder of 
Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow
their revenue. He is well known for his work in the digital marketing arena. Catch him at
Timothy Sykes
Timothy Sykes is an
entrepreneur, penny stock expert and stock trader. He is best known for turning
his bar mitzvah money which totaled to$ 12,415 to $1.65 million day trading
penny stocks. Catch him at
Gregor Schmidt
Gregor Schmidt is an
entrepreneur and Co-founder of studio 5 innovation which offers digital
marketing, content strategy, brand strategy, creative services, and photography
among many other services. You can catch him at
Nick Kellet
Nick Kellet is an
entrepreneur, Co-founder at Listly and Founder at Gifttrap and BOBJ/SAP. Listly
is a list making application that works by embedding on twitter accounts and
makes your lists easily shareable on the social network.
AJ Ghergich
AJ Ghergich is an
entrepreneur and founder of Ghergich & Co. His expertise is in the SEO and
content marketing arena.
Tad Chef online entrepreneur
Tad Chef is an
entrepreneur and an online publisher with 15 years in the online scene. He
 helps people with blogs, social media and search. Catch him at and 
Melody McCloskey Styleseat CEO
Melody McCloskey is
an entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of StyleSeat the largest online marketplace
for beauty and wellness services. She has been named by Fast Company as one of
its Most Creative People in Business 2014.
Ryan Angilly Ramen CEO
Ryan Angilly is an
entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Ramen which is a crowdfunding site for
software developers to raise money and foster collaboration between customers
and startups.
Gabriel Weinberg duckduckgo CEO
Gabriel Weinberg is
an entrepreneur, CEO and founder of DuckDuckGo the search engine that does not
track its users. The search engine is a shift from the existing platforms since
it keeps your information and online behavior private by simply not tracking
Tony Conrad founder and venture capitalist
Tony Conrad is an
entrepreneur, Founder of & Sphere. He is a Partner at True
Ventures and personal investor in WordPress, Slack, lowercase Capital, Ne
Timeas, Samovar, Saltwater and August and an advisor to Noise pop.
Eean Bradley judefly CEO
Eean Bradley is an entrepreneur and Co-founder and CEO of which seeks to change the way you travel. A seamless way to plan and book your next trip on your mobile device
Ben Diaz chef entrepreneur
Ben Diaz is an entrepreneur, chef, cookbook author, columnist and operator Epices De La Vie.


In conclusion, relationships and communication play a major role in business success and this comes out clearly from the tools shared by the entrepreneurs. If you think there is an online tool that should have featured in this article but didn’t, let us know about it. Let us keep the conversation going in the comment section.

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